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So I got up at 7:50 and spent the next eight hours watching coverage of the royal wedding. Excellent way to spend the day. Although I am now regretting that I didn't make the effort to go up to London. It looked like so much fun.

I'm a total romantic at heart and normally I expend my energies shipping fictional couples, so it was great to be able to be happy about real people for a change! As lovely as the ceremony was, I think my favourite moment was when they surreptitiously held hands in the carriage going through the Horse Guards in between waving at the crowds. ♥

Also, I love Camilla. I think her marriage to Prince Charles is one of the greatest wins for true love in the history of the royal family. And all the haters on Twitter can suck it.

And finally, I've been drinking champagne. Any excuse to drink champagne is fine by me!
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Oh Merlin, why so awesome? Very excited for next week's episode!
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So, the current [ profile] picspammy challenge is Fifty and as I'm a big shipper I thought doing 50 Shippy TV Moments would be a good idea. I've never actually posted to the community before so I'm a bit nervous about this though.

Anyway, here's the picspam. I hope you like it! And if you disagree with any of my choices or think I've left any obvious ones out please say so in the comments.

Shippy Moments

Shippy Goodness Under Here )
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Fandom post ahead! I'm not sure if anyone on my friends list is actually going to be interested in this, but I've written it and I'm going to post it.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


This list came about because I was watching a programme about the greatest TV shows of the decade. It was a terrible list that made no sense and made me quite angry so I decided to write my own. But instead of TV programmes I decided to do pairings that I’ve supported from the past ten years. They bring me squee and sadness in equal measure yet I still ship my little heart out.

The Rules: For a ship to be included it must have existed, at least in part, during the ten years spanning 2000 to 2009. So ships from programmes that started in the nineties and ran into the noughties are ok, but ships from programmes that finished before 2000 are not, even if I discovered/continued shipping them in the noughties. (Sorry Maddie/David.)

Because there was no way I was going to be able to put these in order of preference (I love them all!) I’ve listed them in chronological order instead:

You have to be with the person you love. )
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I'm glad to see the Queen has come to her senses and corrected what I have long thought to be an inexcusable oversight in the New Year Honours List.

I raise my glass to you, Sir Patrick Stewart.


Nov. 28th, 2008 03:42 pm
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I'm going to see Leonard Cohen today. Yay.
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Every time Livejournal changes something, people complain. It's a fact of life and I understand how annoying that must be for the people who run the site. Often they'll do something in the hopes of making the place better only to be faced with comment after comment whining about how stupid it is.

This time, however, I think the complainers have a point. The new profile page is fuck ugly. Why would you do this to us, Livejournal? WHY?!

In other news, I am never going to get anything done again because I'm spending all my time watching this link. Too cute.

Joseph II

Aug. 7th, 2008 06:13 pm
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Last night I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the second time.

I love this show so very much.

I would be very happy to go see it again.


Jul. 19th, 2008 01:36 pm
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I saw Leonard Cohen in concert on Thursday and I've been sitting here trying to put the experience into words and all I've come up with so far is this:


We're going to see him again in November. :)


Jul. 5th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Doctor Who thoughts

Journey's End )


Jun. 18th, 2008 11:49 am
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[ profile] after_thought16 and I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat yesterday. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to my very high expectations though. I've been wanting to see this musical for years and had hyped it up so much in my head that I wasn't sure the actual version could possibly live up to the one in my mind.

But it did. Oh yes, it did. It was amazing. I loved it so much! Lee was great in the role and the Narrator (Jenna Lee-James) was incredible. I was blown away by her voice (and the fact that she was very hot didn't hurt either!) I loved the funny bits and the actors quirky expressions in reaction to them. Quirky expressions that I could see very clearly because we had excellent seats near the front. =D

I especially loved the singing camel, so I had to buy one for myself at the end. He's so cool; he dances and sings Any Dream Will Do. Not just a line or two either, the whole thing. It's Donny Osmond's voice, which seems like a bit of a weird choice, but whatever. I still love it.

All in all, I had a most excellent time and would happily go again. In fact that was one of the first things I said after leaving the theatre - "I want to see it again!" So if there's anyone reading this who wants to see it, I'll gladly go with you.
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So... Prison Break news. This was actually revealed a couple of months ago but since I've left that fandom it's taken a while for me to find out about it.

Cut for Season Four Casting Spoilers )
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Boyzone! Stephen Gately hasn't aged at all, has he? My mum thinks they must have a clone of him somewhere that they brought out for the event.

Doctor Who. Ten talking about the Master: "No beard this time. Well, a wife." How awesome is that? I hope I didn't mishear what he said (and if I did, I don't really want to know.)

Lee Mead. I really, really want to go see Joseph in London. I'm just not sure who would want to go with me.
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I know it's everywhere already, but I just have to add my love for Dumbledore being gay. Hee!

Also, I finished my PGCE application today and sent off the reference request. Hopefully my lecturer will have lots of good things to say about me. I put down Reading and Aberystwyth as my choices because while I do like the idea of staying close to people, which I why I want Reading, I also feel drawn to Aberystwyth. That's probably a really stupid reason to use to decide something so important, but I did love the place when I went to visit.

Of course it's entirely possible that they'll both reject me anyway so I'm not attaching too much hope to either one just yet.

He's Back!

Jun. 18th, 2007 01:42 am
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On Saturday I went to London to see The Lord of the Rings musical. It was very good, although I really wish the theatre hadn't been so hot. Highlights included a Frodo whose make-up made him look like he had come straight from a nearby production of Rocky Horror and an extremely awesome giant spider.

This meant that I was not able to watch Doctor Who until today...
Utopia Squee...with spoilers )
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I have just watched the latest episode of CSI and the CBS promo and I am now squeeing like a squeealicious squeeing thing filled with squee and squee more squee.

It's probably not very healthy that so much of my happiness is tied up in a fictional couple on a fictional TV show where anything could happen at the whims of the writers, but such is my life.



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