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Dad's internal calendar is apparently a day out and he thought today was Shrove Tuesday, so we had pancakes. Because why not? And I feel like having pancakes on Ash Wednesday is perfectly in keeping with our family.


Jan. 21st, 2016 07:06 pm
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The heating at work is still broken and it's fucking freezing. We have portable heaters, but they only warm up the area immediately around them and that leaves far too much of the place far too cold.

Possibly related to the cold, my knees are aching quite badly again. That's not much fun. Also, I banged my foot the other day and managed to vertically split the nail on my middle toe, which was more painful than I expected such a small thing to be.

But on the flip side to all this I got an email from Papa Johns earlier telling me that some of my points were going to expire at the end of today. I couldn't let them go to waste, so I now have a free pizza coming my way this evening. Yay free pizza.
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Today was a wonderfully healthy and productive day in which I ate popcorn, watched The Dark Knight Rises, and made snickerdoodles.

I've heard characters in American shows mention snickerdoodles all the time but I had no idea what they actually were (beyond being some sort of cookie, obviously) and for some reason I'd always assumed they had nuts or something and I wouldn't like them. Turns out they're delicious and I definitely foresee myself making them again in the future!

And now it's time to catch up a bit more on the November meme:

16. What would you consider your spirit animal?

A manatee.

17. What's one good thing that happened to you today (or this week)?

New pictures of River Song in the Doctor Who Christmas special. And the resulting outpouring of love and excitement on Tumblr. Takes me back to the glory days of the Eleventh era when we all got excited over new episodes and flailed together. I miss those days.

18. What's one complaint you have today?

I don't know, today's been a pretty good day. I suppose I could say the Amazon Video app on the PS4 not working for some reason, but I quite enjoyed the sense of accomplishment I got from finding a way around the problem (by unplugging my Fire box from upstairs and bringing it down) so I can't really complain.

Weekend Fun

Nov. 8th, 2015 07:58 pm
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This has been a good weekend. I downloaded a Bluetooth tracker app and used it to find my FitBit yesterday and felt very accomplished for doing so!

Also yesterday I went up to Surbiton to watch fireworks with Paul. It was a small local display, rather than the fancy ones at Battersea we went to before, but it had the advantage of being within walking distance of his flat and that's a definite plus! And it was still very pretty. We were also able to see quite a few other displays around the area, which was fun.

Today we got our first Starbucks red cup drinks of the year and walked by the river to Kingston. We had a look at the Christmassy stuff in John Lewis and I resisted the temptation to spend lots of money. A drink in the Surbiton Flyer topped off our time together before I got the train home.

I'm going to leave Topic 5 of the November meme till tomorrow when I have more time to write a proper entry cos this is really just a flying visit so I can post something today.

I also may be talking about Downton Abbey tomorrow cos tonight is the LAST EPISODE EVER. Except for the Christmas special, but whatever. Apparently things are going down and getting wrapped up tonight. Maybe Mary will marry one of her cardboard suitors who are all so boring I still can't tell them apart or remember their names. Maybe Mrs Hughes will stab Mr Carson (and no one would blame her if she did.) Maybe Thomas will get his happy ending (which is something I never thought I'd be hoping for, back when this show started, but now I really want.) And maybe Edith will also marry her suitor who is also so boring I can't even remember where he came from (I know he helped her get the magazine out that one time but how did they meet before that? Who is he?) So many questions. So many possibilities. They just better not kill off Violet cos she's too awesome to die. And, actually, if death tried to take her she'd probably just send him packing with a withering put-down and a baleful look. Violet Crawley is most likely immortal.

Day One

Nov. 4th, 2015 07:43 pm
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My basil plant was getting out of control, so I've stripped a load of the leaves and made pesto. I didn't really follow a recipe, just threw things together and hoped for the best. It tasted ok when I tried it, but the real test will be this evening when I have it with dinner. If I don't post tomorrow it's probably because I've poisoned myself.

I think I am going to attempt NaBloPoMo this year and, as I'm not sure I can think of enough things to talk about to fill 30 journal entries, [ profile] rachg82 has very helpfully given me a list of topics to talk about.

30 Topics for November )

Today's topic is favourite song. It's a tricky one because there are quite a few songs I love, but whenever I answer this question I usually go with After All by Dar Williams. I've loved it for many years and it means so much to me that, even now, it still has the power to make me cry.
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Today I have been mostly making cakes. I've baked a dozen cupcakes to take into work tomorrow for the Macmillan Coffee Morning and now I just have to hope I don't poison everyone. I was going to make butterfly cakes, but took the easy way out and just iced them instead. Still, I think they look pretty good:

One of the reasons I didn't butterfly them was because they're pretty small. Which is funny because the recipe claims to make 16! Apparently these are supposed to be cupcakes for ants.
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Somehow I managed to make it through 31 years of life without ever going to a ginormous Swedish furniture shop. Yesterday I corrected this oversight as I experienced Ikea for the very first time.

I say 'experienced' because that really is the only way to describe it. It was like walking straight into the Buy menu on The Sims.

Fortunately I was not in the market for any large pieces of furniture, but I did end up buying a ridiculous amount of throws, some fake flowers, and an apple slicer that promises to make my apple slicing a much quicker and more efficient process than it currently is. Plus it was only £1 so if it's rubbish I can just throw it away. (I feel like this is some damming indictment on the wastefulness of modern life, but seriously, £1!)

According to my friends, one of the best things about going to Ikea is the Swedish meatballs. Unfortunately the vegan meatballs that they've just introduced in the US have not yet made it to UK stores so I was deprived of that particular aspect of the experience. I suppose this means I'll just have to go again at some point in the future.
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Happy Guy Fawkes Night, everyone. I'm going to celebrate by making dinner and watching University Challenge. Party hard.


Oct. 31st, 2012 06:44 pm
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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I carved my pumpkin on Saturday while watching Strictly Come Dancing and drinking wine. Maybe that's why he looks so happy:

Such a happy pumpkin.

He's currently sitting by the front door, ready to welcome any trick-or-treaters who might come by. So far no-one has appeared, possibly put off by the rain, but the night is still young.

I went to Starbucks earlier and tried a pumpkin spice latte. I was a bit wary at first but it was actually really nice. When I got home I made bat cookies and now I'm drinking a jack-o-lantern cocktail. It's quite strong and I still have to make dinner later. Hopefully I'll be able to stay upright.

I'm also dressed up, complete with witch earrings and Elphaba necklace. I mention this because no one else is. I'm really the only person in my family who gets excited about things like Halloween and Christmas. Clearly I need to get some children. Or find some friends who live close enough that I can force them to celebrate with me.

In other news, it's November tomorrow and that means I have to decide if I want to do NaNoWriMo and/or NaBloPoMo this year. I'm pretty certain that I won't be able to write 50,000 words, but I'm thinking it might be good to try and write something. And I hardly ever come on LJ any more, so NaBloPoMo might be difficult to achieve. Or it could be my triumphant return. I see I'm not alone in drifting away from this site though, so if I do end up posting every day I'll probably end up filling your friends pages with nothing but my pointless ramblings.
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I have just eaten cake in honour of the Jubilee. And later I plan to have Pimms and strawberries in honour of the Jubilee. And then tomorrow I might even open a bottle of fizz in honour of the Jubilee.

As you can see, I am a big fan of cake and booze the Jubilee.

Maybe if I get tipsy enough I'll actually get up the courage to post on the forums for the convention I'm going to and possibly send messages on Tumblr and try to make friends with some of the people I follow who are also going. I've been trying to get up the courage to do this for a few weeks now. It's not going great.
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Most people just give their mother chocolates for Mother's Day. I make mine work for hers.

That's right, I gave her the Trivial Pursuit chocolate edition. She wants those chocolates, she's going to have to answer some questions first, dammit!

We played the game earlier. All four of us (Dad, who normally has to be dragged into any type of board game was more than eager when he found out that chocolate was involved.) I ended up winning the most and was therefore the overall victor, even if we did let Mum have the chocolate medal. Mother's Day and all. Only fair. I'm not bitter. Not at all.

I'm sure I won't wait until everyone is asleep and steal it back from her.

Also, I'm totally not tipsy right now.

Power Cut

Jan. 28th, 2012 05:33 pm
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At the beginning of this year I said to myself that I was going to be more sociable both online and off. I think it's safe to say that I have failed spectacularly at this.

Oh well. Let's try it now.

Last weekend I had a fortune cookie that said "You will have much variety at work this week." I laughed because retail in January is one of the most boring things in the world. But then yesterday we had the fun and excitement of a power cut. Is it sad that I actually found it a lot of fun? Even if it did mostly involve us sitting around watching people rattle the doors because they couldn't be bothered to read the sign we put up.

And, of course, there was the requisite idiot who argued with us to put her order through anyway because she needed it now. I'm not sure how she thought we were going to be able to do that. Should have asked her really.

In other news, the pub down the hill that's been closed for ages then was being refurbished over Christmas is now open. Rob, Esme and I went down last night and it's really nice in there now. A vast improvement on how it used to be!

To London!

Dec. 8th, 2011 08:12 pm
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I'm going to London tomorrow to do my Christmas shopping. I really hope inspiration will strike while I'm there because I am currently failing hard at ideas for what to buy people.

I'm also looking forward to going to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. That was good last year and I hope it shall be so again. As long as they have mulled wine and cinnamon pretzels I should be happy. =D
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My weekend started early! According to my manager our units for the week are buggered so they can't afford to spend as much on hours so they had to send some of us home. It was pretty busy when I left though, so I think this may backfire on them. Especially since there were two new Christmas temps in. Sending the people who know what they're doing home and keeping the newbies who need to be shown everything doesn't seem like the wisest course of action, but whatever. I'm not a manager.

So I went to Starbucks and got an eggnog latte instead.


Day 20

Nov. 20th, 2011 06:07 pm
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I have a really bad headache. I suppose this is what happens when you have popcorn for breakfast. I went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 this morning and I wasn't about to forgo my usual cinema snack just because it was early.

Robert Pattinson did not look good. But then all of the vampires looked rather ridiculous. Except Esme. Makes me wonder what kind of power Elizabeth Reaser has over the make up artists.

I see the Children in Need auction for Matt Smith's clothes has gone up another £10,000 since my post yesterday. Might need a third person in on this.

Day 6

Nov. 6th, 2011 08:02 pm
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As we were getting fish and chips last night I popped into the new little shop that's recently opened next door to it. They don't sell rolls. But they do sell porn. Good to see they've got their priorities in order.
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Every August I like to take a week off work. I consider it my Summer Holiday, even if I don't actually go anywhere.

Today is the last day of my Summer Holiday. As is usual for me I spent most of the time doing puzzles, building Lego (Knight Bus FTW!) and baking. This means that the past week has involved a rather unhealthy diet of chocolate rum pots, meringues, chocolate chessboard biscuits and blackberry dessert. Dad and I picked the blackberries ourselves and I still have a lot left over to do something else with. Probably crumble. Everybody likes crumble.

Also, cocktails. I've been trying out new ones and expanding my repertoire in that area. Pretty soon I'll be a cocktail machine. Although not literally, cos that would be weird. But having a cocktail machine would be pretty sweet. Hmm... Once I figure out exactly how one of those would work I'm totally going to take it on Dragons' Den and make millions.

Oh. Apparently it already exists. And it costs £35,000. Damn. If only I'd invented it first, then I could afford one.

(Of course I do have a birthday coming up. Just saying...)
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My hours at work have gone up again (thanks to rebin) and now I'm doing 9:30-5:30 every day I feel less like a total failure at life and more like a proper adult with a proper job. Go me.

That feeling faded slightly when I got home and found one of my eBay purchases had arrived slightly damaged. Now, the proper grown-up thing to do would be to send an email to the seller explaining the situation, but I have a hard enough time emailing people I know, let alone total strangers, so since it's only slightly damaged I just left feedback and mentioned it there.

I also got a letter saying a membership had expired and I have seven days to keep it going if I renew now! But that was renewed weeks ago. A cheque was sent off before I went to America. So how do I sort that out? Well, they include a handy phone number to call if you have any questions. Assuming, of course, that making phone calls is an easy, non-extreme-anxiety-inducing thing to do.

But the thing is, it is an easy thing to do. For normal people anyway. So that made me feel even more like a pathetic failure. I'm 27 years old! People my age have bills and responsibilities and rent and some even have families and mortgages. They worry about serious things, they have real life problems. And here I am almost going to pieces over the thought that I might have to phone someone up.

It also reminded me of the letter to Trailfinders that I planned to write but probably never will because I have no idea what to say and the simple act of writing a letter stresses me out far more than is reasonable.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be a responsible adult. I'm not sure I'd survive on my own.

But whatever, I have beer and beer makes everything better. I have a Peroni because when I went to get a Carlsberg I found that a spider had set up home over the opening of the box and of course I couldn't disturb him. Perhaps he was judging me for my drinking habits.

And in other good news, tonight sees the return of University Challenge! I plan to watch it while cooking dinner; spaghetti bolognese made with quorn that expired three days ago. It's unopened so I'm sure it'll be fine, but just in case I die of food poisoning, I demand that you all come to my funeral and give speeches about how much of a responsible adult I was.
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So, who watched Eurovision last night? I did. Moldova totally should have won.

Also last night - my family and I made our own pizzas. They were delicious. (Well, mine was and I am extrapolating from that fact that they all were.) And we had home made ice cream. And it was good.

Today I dug out an old jigsaw puzzle to make up while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. (The Lego PotC game came out on Friday and Mum and I have been playing it, which made me want to watch the film again and I always like to do a puzzle while watching a film.) But alas for me, the jigsaw was incomplete! I don't know if you know, gentle reader, just annoying it is to spend hours working on a puzzle only to realise, far too late, that pieces are missing. Damn you, jigsaw! I was tricked by the fact that your box was sellotaped together. You implied that you were complete! You lied to me!

*shakes fist*
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Operation Get into the Christmas Spirit is going well. Over the last few days I have made gingerbread biscuits (which were yummy) and eggnog (which was alcoholic and yummy) and plan to do so again later this week. I also managed to wrap almost all of my presents for people and took some pictures of this latest round of snow.

On the viewing front I watched Muppet Christmas Carol (one and a half times), The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, Miracle on 34th Street (1947 version) and Christmas episodes of The Nanny and Caroline in the City.

The first Christmas episode of Caroline in the City came with the added bonus of Lauren Graham as Shelly. This was the first time I'd watched it since seeing Gilmore Girls and now I think I may have to rewatch all the episodes with her in. She's amazingly ridiculous!

Work was extremely busy today, which was entirely expected. Fortunately we had plenty of staff in so it wasn't the stressful mess that it often can be this time of year. I hope this pattern keeps up for the rest of the week!

To finish, I leave you with two pictures I took over the weekend of the snow that I particularly like:

Snow! )


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