Nov. 26th, 2015 07:47 pm
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I really hate how awkward and incompetent I feel at work, even when I'm doing things that I know I know how to do. I always feel like everyone else is judging me and thinks I'm useless. And the fact that my manager is a rather sarcastic person in general and I can never tell if he's being serious or not really doesn't help.

Anyway, more November meme catch up:

19. What's the funniest thing you ever saw?

I honestly have no idea. But I still find myself amused by the "small parts and small balls" warning I occasionally see on things. I'm such a child.

20. What makes you happiest?

I don't think there's one thing that makes me happiest. Tilly makes me happy, spending time with my family makes me happy, watching TV makes me happy, reading fanfiction makes me happy. Seeing friends, going to pub quizzes, playing games, making things, building Lego, building jigsaws, drinking cocktails, eating pasta. All these things make me happy.

21. What's your favorite season?

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A week ago today I started off my London adventure by going to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular! It was amazing and I love Murray Gold's music so much. I do wish there had been more of a focus on the music of the Eleventh Doctor's era, but that's just my personal preference. I would have loved to have heard Together or Not at All - The Song of Amy and Rory (even though it would totally have made me cry right there in the arena) and The Wedding of River Song. I'd also hoped they would play the full version of I Am the Doctor, which is one of my favourite pieces ever, but I had to make do with it being part of The Pandorica Suite. Not that I'm complaining, because it is used so perfectly there and is one of the most epic things I've ever seen/heard!

I knew of two people I'd met before that were planning to go and hoped to meet up with them for a drink or something beforehand, but it didn't really work out. One of them was ill and had to cancel. The other one I did manage to see for a couple of minutes before she hurried off. I fear I was a bit awkward and didn't do a very good job talking to her, which upset me a bit. I thought I was doing better with things like that but it was like my brain froze and everything inside me tied up. I made sure to text her during the interval to ask what she thought of it so far, cos I didn't want our last interaction to have been so awkward! And I think it was ok, she texted back and we had a conversation about stealing one of the Daleks that went right past me, and afterwards she mentioned a video she'd taken where a Cyberman looked right at her! She put it online and it is indeed very cool!

I had a really good seat too. Right at the front of C-block, so there was a walkway right in front of me which meant I had a really good view when the monsters came out and into the audience. The Dalek going right past me was brilliant. And I got terrorised by a dream crab walking right towards me! Sadly the Cyberman bypassed the bit I was in, which was a shame. But at least there was no danger of being upgraded!

I took a load of photos and some of them came out really well. I put them on Tumblr, but I'll share them here too:

All the Strange, Strange Creatures )

Peter Davison was a wonderful host; very funny and charming. I loved all his references to being replaced by Colin Baker, and David Tennant being his son-in-law, and the fact that the venue had had to be evacuated a couple of days before because they found an unexploded WWII bomb nearby. I was especially fond of one of his comments near the end where he said "This evening has been a blast. And I mean that in the sense of it having been a very good night and not in the sense of an unexploded World War II bomb."

So overall, it was a brilliant evening. Topped off by a drink at the Udderbelly on the Southbank where Paul and I proved that we were hip and down with the kids by taking a selfie of ourselves with our drinks and posting it on Twitter.

So cool.


Jan. 5th, 2012 07:04 pm
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Sometimes I think I should take more chances, step out of my nice and safe little rut and take opportunities that I would have otherwise turned down. Even if it's just a little thing like going to another store for a few days to help out with something there.

So I say I will. And then I realise what a fucking stupid decision that was. Note to self: Your nice and safe little rut is nice and safe. Stepping out of it just leads to anxiety, stress and misery. Don't do it.

In brighter news, I was glancing through my junk mail folder to make sure nothing important got caught there before I emptied it and I saw an email with the subject "You will be Killed in December 21, 2012 ( End Of The World )" Nice and direct there. I appreciate that. I'm a bit confused by the fact that the email itself then went on to say we need to be prepared and have disaster survival kits. I'm not sure how much that will help at the end of the world, but whatever. I'm sure the spammers know best.
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Apparently McGee doesn't approve of my decorating skills. From his position in a chair next to the tree he used his paw to pull one of the decorations from its branch and knocked it to the floor. He wasn't even playing with it, he just carefully removed it. I suppose he thinks he could have done a better job. Or maybe he just didn't like that particular decoration itself.

Also, it actually snowed today. Only briefly and then it was gone, but still. It was apparently enough to keep the customers away for a while. I was thinking about how weird it was not to be completely manic so close to Christmas, so of course we got really busy not long afterwards. Must be all that Multi Coloured Crack that we sell.

And now it is the weekend. Yay! I'm planning to make eggnog tomorrow and hopefully watch something Christmassy while doing so. Tis the season and all that. =D
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Today I went to the post office to send off presents for overseas people. It was just as horribly anxiety-inducing as I expected and I felt like an idiot for quite a while afterwards. But at least it's done, so yay for that.

Also today at work I brought out a product that came in a plastic bag that had "Do avoid suffocation" written on it. I like the idea that it's a polite suggestion rather than a warning.

The Christmas rush has definitely started now. We've been rather hideously busy as of late. And our opening hours have extended. I start work at 8:30 all next week. This does not fill me with joy.

Day 24

Nov. 24th, 2011 08:02 pm
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I am slowly making my way through Lego Harry Potter years 5-7. I'm always impressed by the way the creators manage to make the dark moments suitable for a children's game. In fact, dead Dumbledore is one of the funniest things I've seen so far.

Day 16

Nov. 16th, 2011 07:45 pm
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(This totally counts as a legitimate post, by the way.)

Day 4

Nov. 4th, 2011 07:35 pm
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I can hear fireworks but I can't see them. That's always annoying.

This, on the other hand, is awesome:

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There's going to be a Hyperbole and a Half book! This fills me with much joy. =D

Four Days

Apr. 25th, 2011 07:43 pm
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This holiday weekend I have been mostly:

- Sitting on the patio to make the most of the lovely weather. In fact that is where I am right now. Next to me I have a glass which used to contain ginger beer but which is now empty. Alas.

- Watching Bones. Well, two episodes. They were good, although I still don't really get this whole rogue sniper storyline that came out of nowhere.

- Watching Chuck. I love Chuck. I think what I love most about Chuck is that it's a happy programme. You can watch it safe in the knowledge that everything will be all right in the end, good will triumph over evil, the people you love will be happy and Chuck and Sarah will be together.

- Watching 'William and Kate: The Movie'. Now, I went into this knowing that it was going to be amazingly bad but I simply wasn't prepared for just how excruciatingly dire it was going to be. It had everything you could hope for in an American TV film about British royals. Terrible accents! American plug sockets in supposedly British houses! Prince William publicly singing karaoke to apologise for ignoring Kate at his birthday party! The University of St Andrews apparently being renamed St Andrews College and looking absolutely nothing like the university that I visited a few years ago! Constant references to university as 'school'! (It's that last one that got to me the most. If I'd had a drink for every time I shouted "We don't call university 'school', you idiots!" at the TV I'd have been completely wasted before the film was halfway through.)

- Sorted out my room. And by 'sorted out' I mean 'moved stuff from one big pile into other, slightly more organised piles.' That's really the only way I do any kind of tidying up.

- Sleeping weirdly. Apparently my body has decided that during the holidays I need to wake up around 4, stay away until around 8 and then, just when I'm thinking I could probably get up at this point, become so tired I can't keep my eyes open until around 10:30. It's rather annoying.

- Building puzzleballs. Two today.

- Watching Doctor Who. I should have mentioned it earlier but I forgot. Possibly because it was a bit of a blah episode that didn't exactly grab my attention. Hopefully it'll be better next week.

Lol, balls.

Nov. 8th, 2010 09:52 pm
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Hello friends! It has come to my attention that some of you are labouring under the impression that I am an intelligent, mature adult. To those people I would like to share something that happened today:

I was at work and discovered that we now sell In The Night Garden sponges. These sponges carry the warning that they are unsuitable for children under 3 years old due to "small parts and small balls." This amused me. Greatly. So I proceeded to tell anyone I could find that these ITNG figures had small balls.

And now I'm sharing that fact with all of you.
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In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: WOOHOO! FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

And today being Thursday, that means Bones is on tonight! Yay! Of course there's also a new episode in America too and I'm going to have to be good and resist spoiling myself for it. This wasn't much of a problem before because I didn't have any other Bones fans on my flist, but that's changed now (yay!) and it's going to take more of an effort from me to avoid reading about it. Of course if I get really desperate I could always never even consider downloading the episode off the internet. Because that would be wrong.

Speaking of TV, I've also started re-watching Dark Angel on DVD. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be as good as I remembered but it so is. Unfortunately season two sucked monkey balls so I probably won't be buying that. As I mentioned in my Ships of the Noughties list, Dark Angel was one of those shows where season one was absolutely amazing and almost turned me into a complete wreck over the summer waiting to see what happened, only for season two to be a bitter disappointment.

AND AND! While I was watching the pilot I caught a glimpse of a guy and went "Is that Gaeta?" and it was! He looked absolutely ridiculous!

On the ear-front, I still can't hear properly and it is still very annoying and sometimes awkward. But the antibiotic drops seem to be doing their thing for the infection and my ears are nowhere near as painful as they were before, which is a Very Good Thing. On Monday the nurse took a swab of one of the ears to send off to see what the problem is and if we'd have to change the treatment and she told me to call today for the results. So after a lot of anxiety about having to use the phone, I called up only to find the results aren't back yet. Great. So I'll have to call again some time next week.

But for now I am going to enjoy the fact that it is Thursday and I don't have to work tomorrow. Which, considering how busy it was today, pleases me greatly. =D
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Half man.
Half pillow.
All Edward.

My Twilight fleece blanket doesn't look so bad now, does it?
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The release date for Chuck series 2 has been put back a week. This makes me sad.

Argos sells a Twilight fleece. This fills me with inexplicable joy.

The Argos website won't let you search for Twilight. This amuses me beyond belief. Seriously, I put 'Twilight' into the search box and this is what I got:

You searched for Office > Printerink > Printerinkcartridges ( clear ) 267 results found

I guess even Argos realises how terrible the series is and is trying to redirect anyone foolish enough to search for it.
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So, I have decided that this year I am having a three day birthday celebration. This is day two of the joyous event and so far it is going most excellently.

Yesterday contained the awesomeness of Avenue Q, which is still hilarious even on the third viewing, and dinner at Ed's. Personally I loved the high stools and music there. The food was very filling so I'm going to have to go back another time to try their desserts.

Afterwards we walked around London for a bit, which was lovely since it is very pretty at night. And there was ice cream. Ice cream is always good. As is Polish vodka, which was also involved in the fun.

I also discovered that Paul has a very nice house and a very nice housemate. I brought the sacred offering of Dave and therefore hope I will be welcome back in the future.

Today was less action-packed but still fun. It was like a taste of Canada - we had cinnabons for breakfast, waited for a train and I am currently drinking Molson. I also have lots of American sweets from CyberCandy but I am resisting eating them until after my dentist appointment tomorrow.

Tomorrow, of course, being the culmination of my birthday celebrations and the actual day I turn 26. At which point I will officially no longer be a young person according to National Rail. I presume this means I will be qualified to pass judgement on the youth of today. Excellent.
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Greetings DUDES and DUDETTES. Another FRIDAY is upon us, and that means another CAPSLOCK post. Today is a SPECIAL Friday since it is my LAST Friday of being 25.

Tomorrow I am going to see AVENUE Q for the THIRD time. Apparently NOBODY at my work has heard of this particular musical and my attempts to EXPLAIN what is is have resulted in everyone I work with thinking I am going to see PUPPET PORN.

Lately I have been feeling very TIRED and CONFUSED and CLUMSY. I'm sure most people now think I'm completely INCOMPETENT.

I have SHINY new ICONS. I still want MORE.
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I got the most awesome postcard earlier and now I am enjoying a nice plate of toast and dinosaur death.

Mmmmmm...Dinosaur Death.

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I have a reindeer. He sings and dances.
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A post on [ profile] metaquotes has introduced me to the AutoSummarize function on Word and now I'm having too much fun summarising my old stories and fanfiction.

I particularly like my NaNo novel from two years ago, which comes out as:

“Marie.” “Marie.” “Marie. “Marie. “Marie! “Marie.” “Marie.”

“Marie.” “Marie. Marie!”

“Marie! Marie!” “Marie!” “Marie? “Marie?”

“Marie?” “Marie! “Marie.” “Marie. “Marie.”

That year I reached the goal of 50,000 words. Apparently a lot of those words were 'Marie'.


Nov. 9th, 2008 05:52 pm
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