Jun. 8th, 2015 06:23 pm
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Well, he made it through the night and died this morning while I was at work. He was on the sofa when it happened, which is nice. It was another one of his favourite spots and there were people around so he wasn't alone.

It'll be strange without him though. I'll miss how he would jump on my lap and curl up there, making me stay for longer than I intended to cos I didn't have the heart to move him. And sometimes when he knew I was coming in he would sit by the sofa and look at me, waiting for me to sit down before he jumped up. I'll miss how affectionate he could be (when he wanted to, of course), a marked change from how he was when the neighbours first moved here and he would run at the very sight of us. I'll miss the way he would steal my chair after I got up for just a second. I'll even miss the way he would refuse to let me use my iPad or laptop sometimes, insisting that he should have all my attention and that pointless device was just in the way. I can't say I'll miss him meowing at 5am, but it will be strange not to hear it any more.

We buried him under the bush at the side of the garden, one with lovely purple flowers. Now I'll always think of it as the McGee bush.

Kitty :(

Jun. 7th, 2015 07:33 pm
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I think McGee is on his last legs. He's off his food and he's been getting more and more unsteady on his feet over the last three days. Today he could barely walk. I suppose I can't be too upset; he must around 19 or 20, which is damn good for a cat! And he wasn't even our cat to begin with. He was the neighbours' until he decided that he would rather live with us. But that was a while ago now and he's been here for years and I do think of him as ours. Or, rather, us as his. I'll miss him when he goes.

He's currently lying down in the conservatory. He always liked that spot. I kinda hope he just stops breathing there, it would be a nice way to go.
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Ack, it's cold. I just took Tilly out and I think it's actually freezing out there.

My Tardis skirt arrived today. It took nearly a month to get here and I'm actually really disappointed with it. It's more grey than blue and doesn't look very good at all. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. I'm just sad because it looked so good in the picture and I waited so long for it.

And now the cat is meowing at me. And sitting under my chair. Weird kitty.
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I didn't feel well today so I spent most of my afternoon curled up on the sofa watching episodes of Chuck while the dog and the cat cuddled up to me. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday.

Also, I have just seen the Coca Cola advert. That means it is officially Christmas.


Feb. 26th, 2012 11:48 pm
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Ok, it's time. I am already tired, which isn't a good sign. And the cat keeps trying to jump on my laptop. I'm not sure if he wants to write his own posts or just stop me from saying anything. Either way he's not happy with me for shifting him off.

Hey, Tonks from the Harry Potter films is on the discussion panel. Cool.

Lucy Cotter is on the red carpet. Hopefully she'll have better luck this year since I seem to remember that last time she was in such a bad position that we had to cut to an American feed in order to actually see anything. Judging by how few people are around her I'm not hopeful.

Hmm, I don't think I'm going to last. I'm thinking about recording it and watching it tomorrow when I get in from work. It's not quite the same, which will be a shame, but I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy it tonight and what's the point of forcing myself to watch something I'm not going to enjoy?

Of course if I find out who's won it won't be as fun either, but I can try to avoid that.It'll be like that episode of How I Met Your Mother where they record the Superbowl and try to make it through the day without finding out who won. (I'm not hopeful about my chances for that either. Especially not with the big awards.) QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

And those 'Q's are from McGee, who is once again trying to climb on my laptop. I think he's judging me.
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Apparently McGee doesn't approve of my decorating skills. From his position in a chair next to the tree he used his paw to pull one of the decorations from its branch and knocked it to the floor. He wasn't even playing with it, he just carefully removed it. I suppose he thinks he could have done a better job. Or maybe he just didn't like that particular decoration itself.

Also, it actually snowed today. Only briefly and then it was gone, but still. It was apparently enough to keep the customers away for a while. I was thinking about how weird it was not to be completely manic so close to Christmas, so of course we got really busy not long afterwards. Must be all that Multi Coloured Crack that we sell.

And now it is the weekend. Yay! I'm planning to make eggnog tomorrow and hopefully watch something Christmassy while doing so. Tis the season and all that. =D
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Here we go! Oscar time! Yay!

Paul and I are here again with our snacks and Mountain Dew and CyberCandy bet. This year we're also joined by McGee the cat, who I'm sure has predicted all the categories perfectly but he's not telling.

Our host is Alex Zane? Really? Huh, could be good. I wonder who he has with him. Hopefully they won't anger me this year.

Ok, apparently Alex Zane's panel is made up of Brix Smith-Start, Edith Bowman and Robbie Collin. I have no idea who Brix or Robbie even are. Also, Brix looks ridiculous in that outfit.

And our red carpet reporter is Lucy Cotter. What's with all these people I've never heard of?

Hopefully I'll have more to say once the celebrities start arriving...

2010 Memes

Jan. 1st, 2011 10:05 pm
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Hey, everyone! Time for my New Year's memes. My answers this year are more upbeat than I can ever remember them being previously, which has to be a good thing!

Meme One: The Questions )

Meme Two: The Sentences )


Oct. 28th, 2010 08:23 pm
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Hey everyone. I know I haven't been around much (even less so than usual) and I thought I should explain why.

Two weeks ago we noticed that our cat Zack was looking unwell so we took him to the vet. He was admitted for a week while they did blood tests, took a bone marrow sample and gave him a blood transfusion because his count was so low.

Last week we got to take him home while they tried to work out what was wrong with him. We had to give him various different pills morning and evening. I was the bad guy who forced him to take them. I hated upsetting him like that but if it would help him get better I was going to do it.

But he just got worse. And today they told us it's cancer of the bone marrow. He had no chance of getting better and it was kindest to have him put to sleep.

So that's it. First Sammy, then Fury and now Zack. Three cats gone in six months and none of them older than a few years. Fuck you, universe. You are unbelievably cruel.
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Yesterday was fun. It was good to see the Wednesday crew again, although I was disturbed to discover that there are still people out there who have not seen the awesomeness that is the Old Spice guy. So if you're reading this and you haven't seen the adverts, go Google them now. It's ok, I'll wait. And once you've done that you have to go to his YouTube playlist and watch his responses to people on Twitter...

*Monocle Smile!*

If you understand the above reference we can continue...

In a sharp downturn of mood, yesterday night was not so good. Zack hadn't come in for a while and I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about him. He appeared at 2:30, which made me feel a lot better, but I still wasn't able to get to sleep until past 5.

That meant that I was pretty tired at work today. I also had to stay late for a meeting about the new catalogue. Fun! But I did win a bar of chocolate for getting a perfect score on the mystery shopper criteria, which just proves that I am a profoundly sad individual. A profoundly sad individual with chocolate, though.

In other news, I am running out of time to register for BiCon. I keep doubting myself because of the whole shyness thing and not having any idea where I'm going. Pride was daunting enough and I'm pretty familiar with that area of London. I know nothing about UEL or how to get there or what to do once I arrive. (Yeah, for all my talk about not letting anxiety rule my life any more, I'm not doing a very good job of it. I suppose it's definitely easier said than done.)

RIP Fury

Jul. 8th, 2010 08:12 pm
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Hey everyone. I want to say I'm sorry for not replying to comments or people's posts for the past week but I really haven't felt up to it after what happened on Sunday.

I'm sure those of you who have been to my house will remember Fury, the little ball of black fluff who grew up into one of the most handsome cats I've ever seen. His fur made him look like he was wearing puffy trousers and long boots and he had such a personality on him.

We're not sure how he died. He was found in the neighbours' driveway so he could have been run over, but he didn't have any obvious injuries and he'd lived here for nearly three years now so I would have thought he would have known better than to go on the road. He did have grass in his mouth, which cats often eat when they're feeling sick, so now I'm really worried that he might have been poisoned by something. We still have one cat left, Zack, and whenever he goes out now I worry so much about what could happen to him.

This is the hardest part about having pets. They become members of the family and you love them so much and when something like this happens it's devastating.

It's so weird to think that he's gone. I keep expecting him to saunter around the corner in that way of his that says he owns the place, for him to scratch at the door to demand entrance and then, when someone gets up to let him in, he jumps into their recently vacated chair and just gives them that superior look of his so they know that he is the Fury and this is his chair now.

He really was a character. We often wondered if he'd mellow in his old age, but now we'll never know. :(
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First of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post. I appreciate it more than you know. I would reply to you all individually but I'm worried that I'll start crying again. That's also why I'm writing another entry today, I'm finding it hard to see Sammy's picture at the top of the page every time I come to my LJ.

Of course now I have to actually come up with something to write about, which is easier said than done.

How about work?

See the thing is I hate my job, I really do, but occasionally there are bright moments that almost make up for the soul-crushingness of it all. Today we put together a Cozy Coupe car for the shop floor:

Car. Children not included.

I wasn't involved in the actual construction of the car, which disappoints me cos I'm a big fan of putting stuff together, but K and I did stand and watch and mock offer helpful suggestions to the people who were putting it together. And that was when we discovered that the plastic screw-in circles that pretend to be lights make really good spinning tops.

And now I am realising just how empty our lives are that this brought us so much pleasure. But still, I'm sure there are people out there who desperately wish they too could play with little pieces of plastic at work but are sadly denied the opportunity that I am blessed with.

RIP Sammy

Apr. 17th, 2010 11:13 pm
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Last night Sammy jumped up on the table and I made a fuss of him for a while until I picked him up and moved him to the chair, after which he quickly jumped down and stalked off. That was the last time I saw him and I can't help thinking if I'd stroked him a little longer maybe he would have stayed inside, maybe he would have gone to sleep and then today he could have enjoyed the sunshine and explored the fields behind the house instead of the road. There is so much land behind the house, why did he have to go into the fucking road?

Sammy was one of the sweetest and most affectionate cats I've ever known. I'm really going to miss him.

Snow Day!

Jan. 6th, 2010 02:30 pm
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Weee, no work for me today! We're not even open so I don't have to feel guilty about not making it in. Instead I have gone out and taken lots of pretty pictures of the snow with my shiny camera.

Snow )


Dec. 6th, 2009 05:38 pm
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So, my totally awesome new Twilight fleece has been keeping me snuggly and warm at night. And during the day. Oh yeah, I am officially the coolest person in the world.

I may lose it to McGee though, he's really taken to it.

New Moon!

Dec. 2nd, 2009 07:14 pm
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I saw New Moon at the weekend. It was awesome. And by 'awesome' I mean 'terrible'.

I still can't wait for Eclipse though. It's going to be bad.

In other news, I think there is a conspiracy to stop me sleeping. I get over the jetlag right about the time that Robert brings home his two cats from his old house. Unfortunately the cats have to kept inside for two weeks, which they are not happy about, and they spend much of the night meowing at my window or running around and generally being noisy.

In other other news, it's getting cold. (Yes, I have amazing powers of observation. What would you lot do without me?) Anyway, it's getting cold and my quilt is a light summer quilt that will not keep me nearly warm enough during these harsh upcoming winter months. My solution is to buy some kind of blanket to go over it. Which brings me to....

The Twilight fleece blanket.

Would it be wrong of me? Would you all shun me in disgust? I have a £10 gift card that I got free so it's not like I'd be spending proper money on the fleece, just a couple of pounds.

Just think of all the joy I'd have, sleeping with Edward (and Jacob and Bella) every night.

It's wrong that I'm seriously considering this, isn't it?
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Only a few HOURS to go now! Eeeeee!

Yes, I'm still doing my usual CAPSLOCK Friday. Just a bit EARLIER than usual cos I FLY out tonight. I took today OFF work and it feels kinda WEIRD to be sitting at home at the moment. I've DONE my last minute packing and now there's not much ELSE to do before heading off later.

It still doesn't feel ENTIRELY real. Sometimes it does and I feel extremely EXCITED, but then at other times I have to keep REMINDING myself that I'm actually going. I find myself thinking of what to have for DINNER tonight then remember that I'll be at the AIRPORT to eat.

I don't think TILLY is very happy. It's pretty OBVIOUS to her that SOMETHING is happening. She was climbing over my SUITCASE earlier and she keeps LOOKING at me now. I hope she FORGIVES me for leaving her for two weeks.

I wonder if MCGEE will take over my BEDROOM while I'm gone. It wouldn't SURPRISE me.

FURY probably won't care.

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So, another WEEK has ended and the WEEKEND has begun. I have managed to do SOMETHING to my ankle, although I have no idea WHAT. I think I should SUE my work though. I'm sure I can find some reason why it's their FAULT.

Also, I'm not writing this entry from my USUAL chair because there is a CAT in it.

Photographic Evidence )

See how COMFY he looks on MY cushion, snuggled into MY Leonard Cohen top. He was PURRING as well so of course I couldn't MOVE him.

That's MCGEE, the cat we have named after the NCIS character. And the new season of NCIS starts tonight. YAY.
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It is FRIDAY. I have a CAT on my lap and a VODKA and COKE by my laptop. Things are GOOD.

Although I see NOBODY has replied to my post from YESTERDAY about THIS. Perhaps I would have better luck if I made it a POLL:

[Poll #1465518]

There you go. =D
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Meme time! Only took me about a week to do this one!

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Please post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you

I have two sets of words, because I am just that awesome. And it will soon become apparent that I did not take this meme entirely seriously...


I’m a vegetarian, which means I don’t eat animals. And yes, that includes fish. Being vegetarian is the nice middle ground where I get to feel morally superior to meat eaters but can still look down on vegans and their crazy ways. (I am, of course, joking. I feel superior to everyone regardless of what they eat, in a John Crichton "Humans are superior!" way, complete with costume.)


I have a dog. Her name is Tilly, she’s deaf and she sheds her hair everywhere. Most of my clothes are now covered with white hairs. For some reason they shed much more than the black ones. I don’t know why, I’m sure there’s a reason. Perhaps I should look into it. Start up my own research project, get government funding then scrap the research and run off to Mexico, using the money to fund a life filled with sun, sand and margaritas. I’ll send for the rest of you when the government loses interest in finding me.


I have a degree. It is in History and Religious Studies and has been of no use whatsoever in my life since leaving university. I am currently doing a job that requires zero qualifications and could in fact be done by someone whose greatest academic achievement was a papier-mâché mask they made in first school. But on the bright side, I do work in a place where people make shop-wide announcements about chocolate chip biscuits. So it all evens out in the end.


I have a home. It belongs to my parents but still, I live here, it’s my home. It’s a…bit of a mess, but that’s what happens when you’re from a family of hoarders. We’re all the same so there’s no one to challenge the status quo. And that is why my cause of death is almost certainly going to be “crushed under a pile of old junk.” I think that would be covered by the death benefit that I was offered at work the other day but didn’t take up (Yes, for the low low price of £2 a month my family would get £5000 in the event of my demise. Although not if my death was the result of suicide, war or exposure to nuclear radiation.)


I wear skirts. A lot. I’ve always disliked trousers, although I do now have two pairs that I wear regularly. My jeanish ones, which are good for climbing and going to theme parks, and my work trousers. We have to wear trousers at work, which makes sense since it’s a very physical job and I climb a lot there too. Ladders, of course, not the racking. Climbing the racking would be naughty and I’m a good girl. Honest.


Canada is really big. It has bears and maple syrup and Mounties and Keith’s beer. Truly it is a wonderful place. Someday I hope to go back there and visit the places I missed out on before, and go back to the places that I loved. But not walk up that hill again. You know the one I mean, Mr Afterthought, THAT hill. And in case you were wondering, the answer is no. No, there will never be forgiveness for that hill.


I assume this was put in cos I’m lazy. Thanks. I am a pig in the Chinese zodiac, which is supposed to mean that I’m lazy, so I guess it’s appropriate. Not that astrology really means anything. I’m also a Virgo, which means I should be exceptionally neat and, as we discussed three words up from this one, I most certainly am not. Plus I always remember what my physics teacher said – “Never confuse astronomy and astrology. Astronomy is science, astrology is bullshit.”


I like animals. I come from an animal-loving family and we’ve almost always had pets. I shall now list them for you in chronological order: Jess (cat), Breeze (dog), Lucky (hamster), Goldie (hamster), Dopey (hamster), Smartie (hamster), Minnie (rat), Evie (rat), Lily (rat), Rose (rat), Fury (cat) and Tilly (dog). Also McGee, who is technically the neighbours’ cat but spends most of his time here. His name is actually Gee, or possibly Ghee, but we changed it to McGee after the NCIS character.


Australia is a magical far-far away land that only exists in story books and daytime soap operas. In November my intrepid friend and I plan to attempt to visit this mythical place. If we survive the trip we will be sure to bring back evidence of the country’s existence. Perhaps in the form of a boomerang or cap that says “Pobody’s Nerfect.”


One day we will call our families and say “Hey, yeah, we’re in Mexico.” That is the plan and hopefully it will happen without defrauding the government, but you know, if that’s what it takes. Personally I think we should have gone when the swine flu paranoia meant that everyone was avoiding the place and prices were really cheap. Plus it would have had the added advantage of making us look crazy. Or awesome. Or even crazy awesome. Mmm…crazy awesome.


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