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In the biggest non-surprise of the year, I did not get into Aberystwyth.

I now have no active choices left on my application but I can add more. Except I can't because when I try to it gives me no options for one of the fields and won't let me continue until I've selected something.

I probably shouldn't even bother anyway, because one of the requirements for the course is recent school experience and the ability to analyse and articulate it. That's where my main problem is and it makes me wonder if I should even be considering teaching at all.

I'm always stumbling over words and finding it difficult to get across what I mean. It's extremely frustrating, like I have an image in my mind but I can't turn it into words. And if I can't do this with myself then how on earth am I going to explain things to children and help them learn?

It was probably a mistake to try and go straight into the teaching route. Maybe I should try some other things first in order to built up my confidence, abilities and experience before trying again.
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I keep trying to write an entry about the last few days but I'm too tired, so I'm just going to summarise things for you:

Monday - Unremarkable.
Tuesday - New power adaptor arrived. Able to use laptop again. Much joy.
Wednesday - Off to Aberystwyth. Very pretty.
Thursday - Interview for PCGE course at Aberystwyth. Didn't go well.
Friday - Out for drinks after work. Solved Eternity II clue puzzle 3 in about ten minutes in the pub. Feel very proud of self.
Saturday - Hasn't happened yet. Apparently will involve helium balloons and Love Hearts sweets at work. Sounds fun.


Dec. 13th, 2007 12:18 pm
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Eh, screw you Reading. I didn't want to go to you anyway. You're stupid and... and you smell. *Sticks out tongue and runs away*

*Sidles up to Aberystwyth* Hey, there. You know I love you more. You want me, don't you? Right? Please...


Dec. 5th, 2007 04:18 pm
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So my interview at Reading was today. I am not confident about my chances. I think I came across as a wishy-washy idiot who doesn't know why they want to do anything and is confused by simple questions. Oh well.

Next step: Alcohol.


Nov. 26th, 2007 11:16 pm
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See icon.

I've been wondering what I can do with my life after I completely fail at trying to be a teacher.

Optimism is not my strong suit.

Oh Dear

Nov. 25th, 2007 02:39 pm
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I'm trying to write a presentation on why the book I have chosen is suitable for the age range I wish to teach.

I fear I am talking complete bollocks.
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I'm sure my mother's printer hates me now. Two ink cartridges had to be replaced during all the printing I did of things that might, hopefully, be helpful in preparing for my interview. Tomorrow I plan to go out and try to find a book suitable for Reception children. Any suggestions?

Not Good

Nov. 22nd, 2007 11:22 pm
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It's only been one day since I got my letter about the interview and I'm already sick with nerves. I'm seriously doubting my ability to make it through the next two weeks.

New Goal

Nov. 21st, 2007 01:29 pm
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Ok, I think I'm going to have to officially give up on the idea of completing NaNo. I doubt I can write the required number of words now that I have something else to focus on and stress me out for the next two weeks.

By which I mean an interview at Reading University for the PGCE course.

If you thought my posting about NaNo was bad, just wait as you watch me gradually become a complete and total wreck over the next fourteen days!
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* It's time to start using my Halloween icon.

* My brother has become a filthy Mac user.

* My PGCE application is completely completed and sent off, reference and all.

* Autoassassinophilia has nine syllables.
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I know it's everywhere already, but I just have to add my love for Dumbledore being gay. Hee!

Also, I finished my PGCE application today and sent off the reference request. Hopefully my lecturer will have lots of good things to say about me. I put down Reading and Aberystwyth as my choices because while I do like the idea of staying close to people, which I why I want Reading, I also feel drawn to Aberystwyth. That's probably a really stupid reason to use to decide something so important, but I did love the place when I went to visit.

Of course it's entirely possible that they'll both reject me anyway so I'm not attaching too much hope to either one just yet.

It's Back

Oct. 1st, 2007 04:15 pm
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Yes, back by popular demand, I give you the very first season three Prison Break recap:

Episode 3.01 - OrientaciĆ³n

I am Shocked and Appalled )

In non-Prison Break news, my personal statement sucks monkey balls. Seriously.


Jun. 25th, 2007 03:26 pm
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My face has erupted into a field of spots. It started over the weekend and has only worsened today. This is especially annoying since in a couple of hours I am due to go to a school with my "please hire me" hat on. Unfortunately said hat is metaphorical and therefore of no use when it comes to hiding the Acne Face of Doom.

I imagine the woman I'm supposed to go see will take one look at me and wonder why I am not still in school myself. Right before hurrying away from my hideousness.
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Account type: Permanent Account

Yes, I did it. I decided that it was worth it considering I use LJ pretty much daily. And it's not like I have a buzzing social life to spend my money on.

I still have 85 days of paid time left (with 78 days of extra userpics) which I can now give away to someone. Anyone want it? [ profile] after_thought16 - want to experience the joys of a paid account?

Now I just hope I'll be able get a job soon and start making some money. Preferably working with children. For the past couple of nights I've dreamt about being back helping at primary school. I'm so happy to be there, but then I wake up and feel very disappointed that it was just a dream.
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"I don't eat Jaffa Cakes because they have a lot of fat and calories."

Dear god, child, you're eleven! And that's assuming you've had your birthday, you might still be ten. Far too young to be caring about how many calories are in those yummy orangey cakes. All you should care about is the fact that they are indeed yummy orangey cakes.

So, this is it folks. Today was my last day with the school. I really am sad about that. I was only there a couple of weeks and I'm already going to miss it.

Year 6 were ok I suppose. Not who I'd want to teach though, I don't think. I was working with a couple of them on a maths sheet and some of their answers were just so... stupid. I don't think they themselves were stupid though, they just didn't think about what they were saying.

These children are going to secondary school in September )
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Yesterday Year 4 made me wonder what the hell I was thinking (It's official - Evil is a nine year old boy.) Today Year 5 gave me back hope.

Of course, it was helpful that I managed to impress most of them with my mad typing skills. One of the girls asked me how I was able to type so quickly, I said "practice" and she looked confused.

I also took the opportunity to play around practice using the Smart Board. (I did this at the end of the day so the children wouldn't laugh at me.) The board is weird and my writing looks absolutely awful on it. Mainly because it doesn't come out quite where you think it will, but also because my writing is quite small anyway so I have to make an effort to make it larger in order to be legible, which of course makes it look odd.

Plus, I got to take the register. Or, more accurately, the teacher suddenly told me I was taking the register and left the room while I did it. That was quite nerve-wracking.
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This morning we went to church and some woman told the children that in an emergency they should talk to God. How fucking irresponsible. "Oh, my mother has fallen down the stairs and isn't moving. Should I call 999? No, I'll just have a chat with God, that'll sort everything out."

These are little children, who often take things literally. It's not right to use such a loaded and significant word in this sense. Tell them to talk to God when they feel down or lonely or whatever, but not in an emergency.

In other news, I got to feel smart, and more than a little shocked, at lunchtime when some of the teachers were discussing this woman who had done the prep work at home, emailed it to herself and printed it off at school. Or, as they seemed to see it, performed magic.

Yes, these people work with fancy new Smart Boards everyday but emailing themselves is too complicated for them.

And one final thing - Children, I don't care about your swimming pools. No, really, I don't. Stop trying to one-up each other.

Going Up

May. 3rd, 2007 07:49 pm
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Today was my first day with Year 1. They all seem so much more grown up than the Reception class, and more easily distracted when I'm trying to get them to do things. Also going off on weird tangents that involve them asking me if sticky paper is sticky enough to trap humans. Why do they want to know? Are they planning something?

Hmm... I shall be keeping an eye on these children.

But now... it's Meme Time!

* Go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
* Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
* Have your friends guess the movie titles.

1. Postmodernism, Narcolepsy, Absinthe - Moulin Rouge - [profile] after_thought16
2. Library, Curse, Rose - Beauty and the Beast - [ profile] after_thought16
3. Drunkenness, Wheelbarrow, True Love - The Princess Bride - [ profile] after_thought16
4. Monkey Actor, Police Lineup, Elephant
5. Orphan, Boarding School, Rose - A Little Princess - [ profile] after_thought16
6. Mental Illness, Escape, Diary - Girl, Interrupted - [ profile] alien_zero
7. Anti Conformity, Literature, Teaching - Dead Poets Society - [ profile] after_thought16
8. Gay Bar, Goth Girl, First Love
9. Witch, Archery, Breaking the Fourth Wall - Robin Hood: Men in Tights - [ profile] pookatimes
10. Ostracism, Dark Hero, Train - X-Men - [ profile] dwarfy_drm


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:57 pm
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My first day of school went ok. I spent some time with the children and a lot of time trimming and mounting things on paper to go on display. The teachers were very impressed with my work. Good eyesight and OCD do make for very neat borders.

It's so weird being back at your old school when everything is different. I was standing on the playground, that used to be part of the field, trying to picture the huts and tree that would have been next to me but are no longer there. The strange blue door is also gone and I can't quite remember the layout of the main building as it used to be.

The Smart Board is so... fancy. I was so tempted to go and play with it but I'm sure the children would have laughed at me since I have no clue how to use the thing and they obviously do it every day.


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