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Seven years ago I made my Ships of the Noughties list. Recently it was suggested to me by [ profile] dustinw5220 that I make a similar list for the nineties. I decided to expand on that a bit to include a whole century rather than just a decade because why not? As usual I found it difficult to decide which ships to include, so before we reach the main event I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of my favourite couples who didn't quite make the cut:

Honourable Mentions )

I've also decided not to double up, so Mulder/Scully, Xena/Gabrielle, Tom/B'Elanna, Harm/Mac, Willow/Tara, Piper/Leo, John/Aeryn, and Charlie/Zoey are not featured in this list because I already included them in my Ships of the Noughties.

And now, without further ado, I present to you...

 photo 31390a82-9a8d-4921-a11c-f819ea9dd760_zpsfqiuzd2d.jpg

Twentieth Century Ships )

There you go. I hope you enjoyed my Twentieth Century Ships and please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think!
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So, the current [ profile] picspammy challenge is Fifty and as I'm a big shipper I thought doing 50 Shippy TV Moments would be a good idea. I've never actually posted to the community before so I'm a bit nervous about this though.

Anyway, here's the picspam. I hope you like it! And if you disagree with any of my choices or think I've left any obvious ones out please say so in the comments.

Shippy Moments

Shippy Goodness Under Here )
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For my next list I came up with the idea of doing TV Presidents. I was going to do my top five TV Presidents but it turns out I could only come up with four. I toyed with the idea of including Kang from that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode but I thought that would be a bit of a stretch.

You know this would have been a lot easier if I watched 24. That show seems to go through a ridiculous number of presidents.

Top Four TV Presidents )
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Ok, so I'm really getting into this list thing, although I do wish I could think up a better name for them than 'lists'.

This time I have done a picspam celebrating my favourite redheaded ladies from television.

TV Redheads

Everyone Loves a Redhead )

Love Songs

Feb. 14th, 2010 01:44 pm
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So, I quite liked making my Ships of the Noughties list and have decided to do another one. This time, in honour of Valentine's Day, I have listed my top five love songs. And then I decided to do my top five bittersweet love songs. And my top five anti-love songs. (I had originally called them bitter love songs but that's not quite accurate. Some are bitter, some are just "This relationship's over and that's a good thing.")

They're all songs I've got on my iTunes and I've tried to avoid the usual cliche love songs that you'd find on those compilation albums that are so ubiquitous this time of year!

Five Love Songs/Five Bittersweet Love Songs/Five Anti-Love Songs )
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Fandom post ahead! I'm not sure if anyone on my friends list is actually going to be interested in this, but I've written it and I'm going to post it.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


This list came about because I was watching a programme about the greatest TV shows of the decade. It was a terrible list that made no sense and made me quite angry so I decided to write my own. But instead of TV programmes I decided to do pairings that I’ve supported from the past ten years. They bring me squee and sadness in equal measure yet I still ship my little heart out.

The Rules: For a ship to be included it must have existed, at least in part, during the ten years spanning 2000 to 2009. So ships from programmes that started in the nineties and ran into the noughties are ok, but ships from programmes that finished before 2000 are not, even if I discovered/continued shipping them in the noughties. (Sorry Maddie/David.)

Because there was no way I was going to be able to put these in order of preference (I love them all!) I’ve listed them in chronological order instead:

You have to be with the person you love. )


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