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And now, the dress report:

Ones I Liked:

Viola Davis

 photo Viola Davis_zpsnoj7zbnk.jpg

I wasn't sure about this one to start with, but the colour really suits her and she looks so good.


Taraji P Henson

 photo Taraji P Henson_zpsibktmixm.jpg

Again, I wasn't sure about the velvet, but she pulls it off perfectly and looks absolutely stunning.


Ruth Negga

 photo Ruth Negga_zpsxnqomtow.jpg

I feel like I shouldn't like this dress, but I really do. Everything about it works but I don't know exactly why!


Nicole Kidman

 photo Nicole Kidman_zpsi8tx45ve.jpg

On anyone else I'm sure this would look terrible. It takes a specific figure to be able to pull this off, and Nicole has that figure.


Octavia Spencer

 photo Octavia Spencer_zpska7k7xju.jpg

In the running for my favourite dress of the evening. I love the style and the colour and it looks so good on her.


Kirsten Dunst

 photo Kirsten Dunst_zpsovdhudvh.jpg

Classy. Elegant. I'd have preferred it without the train, but that's just me.


Ava duVernay

 photo Ava DuVernay_zpsjgvuuco9.jpg

Sorry Octavia, I think this may be my favourite of the night. I love the style and the detail and she looks fantastic.


Auli'i Cravalho

 photo Aulii Cravalho_zpsqymlwqyd.jpg

I'm cheating by including her performance dress rather than her red carpet dress, but I thought it looked amazing.

Ones I'm Not Sure About

Scarlett Johansson

 photo Scarlett Johansson_zpsr9tb0ykb.jpg

Even without the sheerness being visible, I'm still not sure it's a great look.


Salma Hayek

 photo Salma Hayek_zpspeihuoed.jpg

It's all a bit odd.


Leslie Mann

 photo Leslie Mann_zpsvyiaxchb.jpg

The exploding dress. I almost like this, but not quite enough. The hem is weird.


Michelle Williams

 photo Michelle Williams_zpslehdkodd.jpg

Meh. And strangely similar to Emma Roberts's dress.


Janelle Monae

 photo Janelle Monae_zpsludhelln.jpg

I want to love it, and she looked fantastic walking out on stage, but there's just too much going on here.


Meryl Streep

 photo Meryl Streep_zpst6nu5tpg.jpg

Part of me thinks the trousers are cool, but an even bigger part of me hates them and wishes this had a proper full skirt cos then it would look amazing.


Halle Berry

 photo Halle Berry_zpstxrofg26.jpg

I like the top more than the bottom.


Hailee Steinfeld

 photo Hailee Steinfeld_zpsug1g9l03.jpg

If only this dress was lined it would be a Dress I Liked no question. It looks pretty good in this photo, but I can't ignore how it looked on stage.


Isabelle Huppert

 photo Isabelle Huppert_zpsdlizeqq8.jpg

If she was cosplaying Princess Leia then this would be a good look.


Felicity Jones

 photo Felicity Jones_zpsrptvvowf.jpg

I like this dress in theory, but it doesn't look that great on her.


Alicia Vikander

 photo Alicia Vikander_zpskdsiwhb0.jpg

I want to like this dress, but it just doesn't work.


Emma Stone

 photo Emma Stone_zps9tp79ldm.jpg

The top looks good, and if it continued then I'd really like this dress, but I'm not a fan of the fringing.


Brie Larson

 photo Brie Larson_zpssukjy6ca.jpg

It doesn't look as bad as I thought it did on stage, but it's still weird.

Ones I Didn't Like

Priyanka Chopra

 photo Priyanka Chopra_zpsuvur7y3k.jpg

What even is this, Priyanka?


Naomie Harris

 photo Naomie Harris_zps8qgmal8t.jpg

Apparently some people love this. I just think it looks ridiculous.


Jessica Biel

 photo Jessica Biel_zpseedccfw8.jpg

It looks like the fabric is really old and falling apart.


Dakota Johnson

 photo Dakota Johnson_zpsjpfm8se5.jpg

I'm still wondering what museum she raided to find this dress.


Charlize Theron

 photo Charlize Theron_zpstw0dq7wv.jpg

This just looks heavy and ugly.

And finally, my Not a Dress this year has to go to...

Jackie Chan

 photo Jackie Chan_zpszoxaixxo.jpg

And his Unicef pandas!
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